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International Day of Education

International Day of Education is celebrated annually over the world, on 24th of January, to re-evaluate the role of Education in our lives and also identify and address the issues of Education in our society.

The Day focuses on enlightening the global society on issues such as the role of Education in breaking boundaries between cultures and countries, and the value of maintaining peace and equality.

The date was set aside in December 2018, at the United Nations General Assembly.

  • It campaigns for better Education reforms and the aim to improve access to Education for all. This could be achieved through sponsorships and scholarships.

  • It seeks to enlighten the society and help lift many out of poverty.

This year, we chose to mark the occasion by having Learners interact, partake in fun games and enjoy a series of activities - because they deserve it.

The key takeaway for the Day, is the importance and value we should assign to getting every child educated, even from the home.

Happy International Education Day!

M. Mosugu

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