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Lion's Lair 2022

Dear Parents,

In preparation for Lion's Lair, an event that is aimed at showcasing the individual group businesses of our learners for the year, we would like to share with you a video that sheds light on what to look forward to.

Lion's Lair is an event set aside to give young entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their business ideas, plans and possible innovations to an audience. This is done to enlighten the attendees and equally raise capital and other resources for their business.

The participants would be given a specific time to pitch their business ideas and plans, with a view to garner your support and investment. This is an excellent avenue to partner with your wards and their Groups in setting up a business for the Academic Year.

With you on board, we look forward to the success of this inaugural event at Teen Tycoons Preparatory Academy.

Find the attached link, for your enlightenment


M. Mosugu

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