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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

It was a bright sunny day and the learners in Disney and Tony Elumelu group were very excited in anticipation for the excursion. Armed with their note pads and Pens, the learners and their GEs left the school premises at 10:30am.

The journey to Rio Hondo Farm was swift. On getting there, they were let into the Farm and led to the gazelle to wait for the farm manager who was busy at the moment. The Learners and their G.E.s had a brief photo session while waiting.

The farm manager came few minutes after they arrived and introduced himself. He took the learners and their G.E.s around the farm through the stud section, where the horses were kept; the poultry section; the fishponds; the canine section, where they saw different breeds of Dogs; and the hutches set aside for cuniculture. He also showed them the barns for the cattle and lastly, the feed production building.

The learners were very inquisitive about what they saw and asked the farm manager a lot of questions, he patiently answered each question. After this they returned to the gazelle where they met the C.O.O of the farm. He introduced himself to the learners, discussed a few topics with them and had a brief photo session.

The day ended on a wonderful note and refreshment was given to the learners and their G.E.s just before they returned to the school. It was a very fun and educative excursion.

Musa Usman

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