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World Teachers’ Day!

Today marks a special time in the lives of everyone. Everyone who is someone today, has in a way or more received formal or informal education from a TEACHER.

TEACHERS’ Day is celebrated to shine the light on the unsung heroes of years past and present. This auspicious event recognises the many sacrifices of people who are often belittled and sometimes unfairly treated by the values of society.

It is safe to say, that every day is a TEACHER’S Day, as learning never ceases nor does it take vacations.

I want to specially commend everyone who has invested time into the lives of people, by sharing knowledge and reshaping their minds for the better. May your labour and commitment be ever fruitful for you and those dependent on your efforts.

In conclusion, let us take out time to reflect on why we do what we train for. Let all TEACHERS ponder on the generation they are raising, and with all honesty, consciously dedicate your energy to be the positive difference in the lives of learners. Help them overcome the many phobias that are ascribed to learning and inspire the young generation to be better than the present realities the world measures success by.

We do have a place in the society, and it is a very delicate position we fill. TEACHERS do beyond teaching…they shape lives.

Happy Teachers’ Day‼!

M. Mosugu

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