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Teen Tycoons Preparatory Academy Set To Launch Online Courses

Updated: May 2, 2020

A survey conducted by a leading recruitment agency in the West African region reveals that 47% of Nigerian university graduates are unemployed. By some estimates, Nigerian tertiary education institutions produce about 200,000 graduates every year. The agency further describes some graduates as unemployable as they lack the required skills for employment.

At Teen Tycoons Preparatory Academy, we ensure our learners do not fall under the category of people who do not have the skills required by a majority of employers. That is why we have introduced practical courses that instill competencies which will make our learners stand out in job market or as entrepreneurs. These courses are entrepreneurship, office management and design technology.

We have gone a step further to not only teach them these skills but also, to certify them at Level 2 in National Skill Qualification (NSQ) by the time of graduation in Year 6 Level 2 certification in NSQ is equivalent to a Junior Secondary School certification.

We understand most schools do not offer these courses. Also, random sampling carried out reveals that children run a tight schedule and as such may not have the time to attend our classroom weekend or holiday program. These are some of the reasons that inspired us to set up an online course where children (between the age of 8-15 years old) from all over Nigeria can access these courses. We are offering learners the opportunity to acquire these skills as well as earn certificates from the comfort of their homes.

The certificates issued are endorsed by the National Board for Technical Education and are recognized nationwide.

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